The holiday season is upon us and I want to help you achieve your health related goals as quickly as possible with my Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales!  Don’t wait until after the new year to set a resolution – start now and get on your path to optimal health.

First of all, my NEW eGuide is available called Your REAL Holiday Survival Guide.  It’s on sale for a LIMITED time for 50% off – only $4.99. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE    2014 holiday survival guide cover

AND all of my BOOKS (Healthy Eating, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Skinny on Fats), co-authored with Dr. David Brownstein and his whole site is 10% OFF at
PLUS If you’re serious and ready to balance your body, boost your energy levels, and maybe even lose a few pounds, I’d love offer you more resources to help you discover natural solutions that include healthy foods, smart habits and high-quality choices, starting TODAY through December 1st at midnight with this Buy ONE, Get ONE offer!

The first resource (if you don’t already have it!) that can help you accomplish these healthy habits, is with Shop with Sheryl, your guide to how to stock your pantry, kitchen and body with the best possible foods, supplements, and nutrients! This resource will give you a step by step blueprint of the exact action steps to follow in order to feel better, look great and create healthy habits!


Here’s what you will learn with this valuable resource:

          • How to understand what foods your body needs to be healthy
          • How to reduce your symptoms naturally
          • How to find the healthiest foods in any grocery store
          • How to know how to cook with healthy foods on a daily basis
          • How to enjoy the benefits of good health and delicious meals!!

PLUS, You’ll Also Get this FREE OFFER:

An additional health changing set of tools

with Meal Plan with Sheryl

This training guide and audio will spell out the following to help you finally get more organized, and put more healthy meals on the table for yourself and the people you love that you will feel good about because they ARE good for your body, mind and spirit.3D-set(1)

Here’s what this not-to-be-missed action plan will show you:

            • How to create meal calendars of your favorite dishes + new ones to try
            • How to plan your meals now to avoid stress later on
            • How to shop smart to save time and $$
            • How to stock your pantry with go-to ingredients
            • How to make your own take-along lunches and snacks

4 Days Only, You Can Have

BOTH of These Healthy Trainings with this BOGO OFFER

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Pay Only $9 

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Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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