Take a peek at everything you will learn in this ground-breaking, solution-based eBook:


  • REALIZE the Issues

  • REJECT the Inflammation at the Root of the Problem

  • REPAIR Your Gut Lining

  • RESTORE Your Good Bacteria

  • REPLENISH Your Body

  • RENOVATE Your Diet

  • REVIVE Your Digestive System

  • RELIEVE Your Bloat Naturally

  • RECOVER Your Energy

  • REVITALIZE Your Lifestyle

  • RENEW Your Body and Home Care

  • REAFFIRM Your Choices

  • RESTOCK Your Pantry and Medicine Cabinet

  • REFRESH Your Knowledge

Author and Certified Nutritionist Sheryl Shenefelt is committed to helping people achieve wellness and happiness!

It starts with you –

Decide today you want to feel better


Say Bye-Bye to Belly Bloat…FOR GOOD!







…Lower back pain

…Fatigue from gut distress

…Abdominal pain

…Anxiety over your digestive problems

The side effects of constipation (and of the laxatives many people take to try to relieve it) can be frustrating and often downright painful, but I am here to help you overcome your belly concerns and find the solutions you’ve been looking for.

That is why I wrote my NEW ebook!

BYE-BYE Belly Bloat

Get Relief from Digestive Discomfort and Constipation Naturally!

Have you not had a bowel movement in more than a day or two (or even a week)?

Do you pop more laxatives then you do mints?

Do you wish you had an extra button to loosen your pants after meals?

When you think of Number 2, do you get anxious because you are so irregular?

Are you constantly complaining of pain in your abdomen or your lower back?

If you answered YES to any of these questions…




Did you know?

Constipation is one of the most common digestive discomforts we face today.

Millions of people suffer from it—constipation affects about 20% of men and women in North America, with over 8 million people in the US seeing their doctor for this condition every year. Moreover, many people reach for laxatives and can start to feel dependent on them, which can ultimately lead to further side effects like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dehydration, cramps and even may worsen constipation…

Do you feel cramped?

Women tend to experience constipation twice as often as men do, especially during or after pregnancy.

Given the statistics, it’s not surprising that the most common complaint I hear from my female patients is that they feel constipated, bloated, and gassy. Yikes!


But don’t worry – this book can help you get the relief you need…naturally…so that your digestive problems are a thing of the past.


Do you feel bloated or like your stomach is huge?

Discover how to get relief and transform you health in my new eBook!



Who am I, and how can I help you?

My name is Sheryl Shenefelt I am a Certified Nutritionist, wife, and mother of two kids.

My expertise is in coaching people – especially women – to feel better and get the relief they deserve.

I am also the author of five health and nutrition books with my colleague and friend Dr. David Brownstein, the Medical Director of The Center for Holistic Medicine and a world-renowned doctor, speaker, and author on natural and alternative methods of healing.

Plus, I have been where you are! I have felt bloated and constipated, and I know how uncomfortable and downright frustrating that can be. After I had my second child, I noticed that one of the biggest issues I was facing was feeling bloated all the time. I was often constipated, too. I had thought I would be thinking about my child number 2, but in fact, I was just thinking about number 2… 

Since overcoming this myself, I’ve successfully helped other women find solutions to these problems, too, whether they have kids or don’t.

You don’t need to resort to laxatives and end up with even more problems in the long run.

Read my latest book, Bye-Bye Belly Bloat: Get Relief from Digestive Discomfort and Constipation Naturally to learn how to fix your digestive concerns once and for all.

Explore these topics and find out how to get relief:

  • The 12 main causes of bloating or constipation and how you can avoid them
  • The 3-day strategy to reduce bloat quickly
  • Why laxatives may be causing you more harm than good
  • Foods that are natural laxatives and safer then popping pills
  • The 14 foods to avoid that create the most inflammation and are stopping you from feeling your best
  • The top 10 probiotic-rich foods to replenish your gut and get regular again
  • The #1 homeopathic remedy to relieve constipation and get you moving again
  • The top 3 essential oil must-haves for digestive health
  • The morning trick to help you feel better and reduce bloat
  • The 1-ingredient supplement that can solve your leaky gut issues
  • Natural tips and strategies to help you feel like yourself again and get your belly back
  • Is kombucha just a health fad, or is it good for you?
  • Why 3 or better yet 5 strains of magnesium are better than 1
  • 7 questions to ask yourself before you buy something at a grocery store so you don’t wind up bloated

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