I am just writing to say, “Thank You”! You have changed my life!! The last time I was sick was Nov 2013 (thanksgiving when my whole family had the flu).. it only lasted 1 or 2 days. I can’t remember being sick before that..  I was sick every 3 months! I feel great! Cant thank you enough – You are amazing!  — Mike Butler

I am so thankful to Sheryl and her non-invasive approach to a healthy way of life. I have more energy than I have in years and am now able to keep up with my kids hectic schedules. I would recommend Sheryl and her program highly to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life. — Karen Goeringer

I suffered from a rash on both hands for nine months. Every doctor I visited for help, just diagnosed me with eczema and prescribed a steriod-cream. However, I desired more answers and a natural cure. While searching for help, Sheryl suggested a change in my diet and food choices. Along with creating a temporary new diet plan, she suggested specific supplements that would aid by body in its healing process. After a short three months on Sheryl’s plan, the eczema cleared up completely! I can not thank her enough for her help! — Laura Schildt

Sheryl Shenefelt came highly recommended to me several years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with a very serious seizure condition. I needed a lot of support and education and Sheryl was the perfect person to consult with. She provided a lot of literature and education on my daughter’s specific needs. She also took me on an outstanding grocery shopping tour. Sheryl is compassionate, extremely well versed in her knowledge of health and wellness, and determined to help you reach your goals. — Danielle Kovachevich

I had been raising my children on the typical American diet for years:  hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, boxed dinners, etc. I was a working mom and would get home between 6:00 and 6:30 each night.  I cooked whatever was the fastest thing to prepare, which was boxed microwavable foods, or canned meals.  After I quit work to stay home with my children, I found old habits were hard to break.  Once in awhile I would take the time to cook something that was healthier, but our diet continued to be primarily carbs, with very little fruits or vegetables.  I have one daughter who was gaining weight so I started reading diet and health and nutrition books to find out how to help her lose weight.  I realized how awful our diet was and tried eating healthier.  So many of the “healthy” or “natural” recipes I tried were either

(1) too expensive.

(2) had ingredients I had never heard of before so I was spending a fortune on new products, many of which I didn’t like so I never used again, so I had wasted my money.

(3) they took too much time to prepare, or

(4) they were more adult foods and although my husband and I liked them, the kids didn’t.

 I started to get frustrated with the whole process of trying to change our diet and wondered if it was worth it.  Then I came across the book “The Guide to Healthy Eating,” by David Brownstein and Sheryl Shenefelt.  I love this book!!  It explains what is good and bad for us in our diets and why in a simple, easy manner.  It has delicious recipes (and I’ve tried almost all of them) that I love, but more importantly, my children also love them!!  Most of the recipes do not take too much time and I learned I can use what I already have, with a few adaptations, and have some healthy, inexpensive meals.  I feel better since eating healthier meals, and I feel better about what I’m feeding my children.  If I know I’ll be getting home late, I use the crockpot recipes so dinner is ready when I get home.  We can live on the run and still eat healthy.  Thank you Sheryl for your book!  I also like the recipes you share on your website and the good health tips.  Sharon Lee, Utah

Your website is such a wealth of knowledge for my family.   My husband is diabetic and I have successfully made the transition from Splenda to coconut palm sugar in our house, after reading your article about your two favorite sweeteners.  It was gradual but he did it.  There are so many examples like this of how your articles have helped us change our thinking, informed us and enlightened us.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and it’s nice to have a credible resource to help us on our healthful path Thank you! Sherry Clevenger

Thank you very much for your blog and the information you provide on your website.    I particularly found your blog on bone broths so interesting, it made me begin to work with different recipes and having homemade bone broth- based soup on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I noticed our digestion improved and he even commented that his knee stopped hurting. The only change we made was that dietary addition, so thank you, Sheryl. I’d rather spend money on a mineral-rich broth that I make instead of glucosamine pills. — Nicolette Konas

This book (The Guide to Healthy Eating) is easy to read and can be used as a reference guide. I liked the examples he provided and the research to back up the information. The cooking and shopping tips are also useful. The combination of a doctor and a certified nutritionist is a great combination for a great book. Highly recommended! Dr Ruth from Upper Montclair, NJ

Seeking a holistic and nutritional solution, a friend recommended me to Sheryl Shenefelt CN.  Through Nutrition Response Testing, Sheryl recommended whole food supplements along with suggesting dietary changes.  Within days, my energy increased and after working with Sheryl for a few months I feel better than ever.  Cynthia L. Graham

Sheryl has been invaluable in guiding me to relief and recovery from IBS flare ups and reducing inflammation in my digestive system. Sheryl has helped by identifying exact foods to eat and not to eat for me, creating personal and specific daily diet guidelines, providing recipes that are actually delicious and fit my specific restrictions, and identifying resources/websites with foods, products and information to meet my individual needs. Sheryl continues to be a seasoned source to solve my nutritional challenges. She is a go-to resource to troubleshoot and resolve dietary challenges to insure that you stay on a healthy track.  Cindy Kantgias

 This book (The Guide to Healthy Eating) is so easy to understand! covers everything and has great recipes!. I love that I can always use it as a reference and it makes shopping easy! even in a big box store if you have to!! I love it!  Maaike Gomes, Wylie, TX



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