Shop With Sheryl

Sheryl takes you (in groups of 4-6 people) on a tour of Whole Foods Market where you will learn how to shop for organic foods, find out what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, gather information about healthy replacements for common foods as well as what brands to buy that taste good. You will learn generally where products are located so you can confidently shop for groceries.

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Use these resources to help guide you:

Weekly Meal Planning Tool (FREE)


Grocery Shopping Check-List (FREE)


Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid List (FREE)


Recipes with kid friendly ideas! (FREE)


Check out the 2nd Edition of The Guide to Healthy Eating for more information, tips, and resourcesbook-healthyeating

Try this amazing online menu planner where you can store and share recipes with friends and family, save weekly menu plans, get your shopping list created automatically and make meal planning and eating healthy even easier!  Visit Plan to Eat NOW!

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