Do you ever think to yourself, “why is everyone freaking out about this bone broth thing?”

Why are celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and many more turning to this superfood to look and feel younger, healthier?

Today, I’ll be your friendly little bone broth whisperer and help answer that question…

One reason why bone broth is so beneficial is that it is chock full of amino acids. Many people – even ones eating healthy diets, full of vegetables and organic meats! – don’t get enough amino acids in their diets.

Fortunately, bone broth is packed with amino acids that improve your health:

  • Collagen and gelatin, which studies have shown dramatically reduced joint pains in those suffering from arthritis
  • Glucosamine, which doctors regularly prescribe as a supplement to help with recovery after surgery
  • Glycine, which the body uses to produce antioxidants, and which helps heal and seal the intestinal wall (preventing leaky gut)
  • Along with glutamine, proline, arginine, and many more key amino acids

Together, these amino acids in bone broth improve joint, digestive and skin health. They’re a key reason why bone broth has been consumed by ancient cultures for tens of thousands of years.

It is essential to get enough amino acids on a daily basis. Here’s my go-to for getting them:


My good friend Justin Mares has been studying the health effects of bone broth for years after looking into recovery options for his brother’s serious knee injury.

You’ve probably been to the doctor’s office where the newest wonder drug is pushed in your face with the promise that all your health issues will magically disappear. If only improving your health could be that easy!

The reality is that living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle requires a solid foundation of eating the right foods and exercising regularly. Justin found that bone broth is a great natural resource that can improve your health in a number of ways. So before you swallow another one of those magic pills, read through this…




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