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Sheryl was recently featured on The Dr. Nandi show promoting her new holiday eBook “How to NOT Gain 10 Pounds This Holiday Season” 

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I’ve launched my new eBook – “Bye-bye Belly Bloat” to provide a comprehensive resource for you to start losing weight and begin feeling healthier today! 

This book is packed with resources including recipes, health tips and sources for more information.


Trusted Nutrition Resources based on my experience

My background includes experience as a Certified Nutritionist and working with industry leading doctors on natural approachs to health and nutrition. On my site you’ll find resources and information to help you address the underlying issues that cause most of our modern health challenges. Learn more.

Healthy Eating with a Balance of Nutrients

If you’re ready to balance your body, boost your energy levels and maybe even lose a few pounds, you’re in the right place! This site is designed to help you discover natural solutions that include healthy foods, smart lifestyle habits and high-quality ways to feel and look better. Learn more.

Ready to Heal Yourself and Balance Your Weight the Natural Way?

You want to be healthy, but the stresses of modern life—and the aggressive marketing of processed foods—have led most of us far away from the path to health. But if you feed your body the fresh, natural fuel it craves, you’ll be amazed by your own potential for healing, fitness and beauty! Your perfect self is inside you right now, yearning for the opportunity to be nurtured.

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Happy 4th and Salsa Recipe

Happy 4th and Salsa Recipe

Hope you are celebrating independence day with your loved ones!  Need a festive (and simple) snack to take to a BBQ or to a gathering this weekend?  Check out this delicious salsa recipe excerpted from my book I co-authored with Dr. David Brownstein The Guide to...

School’s Out and Healthy Snacks Are In!

School’s Out and Healthy Snacks Are In!

Now that summer is here, the kids will have more time to rove through the kitchen in search of snacks. Time to make sure you have some tasty and good-for-them options on hand! Depending on how handy your kids are in the kitchen, they can help you make these treats or...

Why Salt is Not the Enemy—Sea Salt, That Is

Why Salt is Not the Enemy—Sea Salt, That Is

Salt is important for many biochemical processes in the body. Now, I am not talking about that white, refined table salt on the table at many restaurants or that salt that comes in a round blue cardboard container—I am talking about unrefined, mineral-rich, moist,...

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