A Place to Be…Coming Soon to A Community Near You!


It’s a multi-dimensional holistic experience
It’s a wellness retreat 
It’s a café with a conscience
It’s a place of character, community and connection

It’s a Place to Be
Your third place

Member driven
Member owned

Our Vision

Not simply a business, a health place, a holistic center, a spiritual space, or an education center, A Place to Be represents a way of life. A Place to Be is creating a venue to facilitate dialogue, interaction and the sharing of experiences, ideas, products, services, resources and information among familiarity and peers.  Ultimately, A Place to Be is dedicated to the concept of supporting a positive transformation of the world one community at a time by creating physical locations nationwide.

A Place to BE is a space for self-actualization, mindfulness, learning together and creating one’s own reality.  It is intended for people who may already be comfortable in their lives, yet are searching for more out of life and have the desire to raise the consciousness of themselves, their community and the world.


A Place to BE is for those who are looking to move beyond feeling good and toward feeling and being great.  It is a place of inspiration for learning and developing, creating new possibilities, living fully and actively, being whole-hearted, engaging deeply, living creatively and allowing for never ending dimensions of discovery and delight.


We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

~Joseph Campbell~


Offerings Such As:

  • Personal growth workshops
  • Women’s gatherings
  • Health/Wellness support and education
  • Well being services 
  • Energy work 
  • Spiritual Circles
  • Nature walks
  • Community Exchange
  • Affinity circles
  • Philanthropy – Character, Community, Kids

Note From The Founders

“This is about life and leaving our world a better place for our children and theirs. We feel if there is a location for people who are open to creating their own reality and who want to enter into mutually-supportive relationships with others who share their values, this space and the connections formed in it can become the epicenter of a powerful new movement able to transform individuals and communities. We have faith that if given an opening and a little support our fellow human beings will rise to the challenge of making our world a better ‘place to be’.”


A Place to BE will create energetic space around individuals; a space that encourages one to see more than they could before; where one’s peripheral vision extends out further than they have ever imagined to places where opportunities to transform oneself arises.


A Place to BE will assist in the discovery of the possibilities that open up when one dares to ask for more.  The more one asks, the more space one creates to illuminate what more there is to ask for and to BE.  If one stretches into vulnerability – asking for more than is comfortable — one can shift into the realm of even greater possibility.


A Place to BE will invite people to consider the possibilities of moving beyond their comfort zone, trusting themselves and others, and taking action as the writers, producers and directors of their lives.


“Let us become the change we seek in the world”  ~Gandhi~


A Place To BE, LLC is a lifestyle company dedicated to the concept of a single physical location that combines a specialized café and retail environment, spa and fitness services and the opportunity for membership in an active, creative community of like-minded individuals.  A Place To BE serves active, progressive consumers who are seeking to incorporate an integrative, mind body perspective into their lifestyle as well as practice and express their values in all areas of their lives.  A Place To BE provides these consumers with unmatched service along with carefully selected quality, organic, natural and whole products in a convenient and comfortable environment for busy lifestyle conscious consumers.  A Place To BE is designed to be a one-stop model for convenient access to unique products and high-quality wellness services in the context of a comfortable gathering place that fosters genuine interaction and community.


A Place To BE is rooted in a belief in the importance of providing consumers with a multi-dimensional, holistic experience. Because of the complex yet integrated nature of our business, there are many paths that a consumer might take to A Place To BE.  Three core aspects make up the experience of A Place To BE known as the Trinity of TransformationTM (The T.O.T. ExperienceTM).  The T.O.T. ExperienceTM includes The Health & Nutrition NavigatorTM, The Body & Being BalancerTM and The Mind & Spirit ExpanderTM each designed to be inter-connected and mutually reinforcing.  Each of the elements is defined within the business plan in Section 1.2 and has been carefully envisioned to establish the holistic environment and balance of Mind, Body and Spirit — A Place To BE.  

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