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  1. There are lots of easy things you can do NOW and throughout the holiday season to help you not just survive but THRIVE during this busy time. And none of these things involve counting calories or depriving yourself!

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    REAL Holiday Breakfasts

    Almond Butter & Apple Butter Crepes

    Grain-Free Savory Crepes

    Spinach Egg Bake

    Sweet Bacon Hash

    Veggie Quiche Cups


    REAL Holiday Sides

    Coconut Green beans

    Cranberry & Pear Sauce

    Ginger Quinoa Squash

    Healthy Sausage Stuffing

    Holiday Brussel Sprouts

     REAL Holiday Main Dishes

    Crazy Aunt Kim’s Chicken Chili

    Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

    Sausage Cherry Turkey Breast w/ Root Vegetables

    Thai Style Coconut-Chicken Soup

    Waldorf Turkey Salad


    REAL Holiday Desserts

    Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Blueberry Crisp

    Flourless Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Almond Butter Frosting

    Peach Coconut Milk Ice Cream

    Truffle Brownies


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