The episode “Healthy Holiday Show scheduled to air on WXYZ Channel 7 on Sunday, November 24th at 2 PM.

If you are setting a DVR to record, please be sure to select “The Dr. Nandi Show” in the online TV schedule/Guide Directory.  Please don’t select “Ask Dr. Nandi” which is our previous series.

The Dr. Nandi Show was created to provide patients and their families solutions to better their lives. Dr. Nandi MD covers important topics A – Z, whether it is prostate cancer, bullying, nutrition, fitness or the choices in treating breast cancer.  He asks the tough questions where there may not be easy answers. His goal is to stimulate discussion and prompt provocative thought so the audience, patients, and families can recognize a problem and get the help they need. Dr. Nandi encourages people to be their own Health Hero and take preventative steps to live their best life possible. His credo is that if you know better then you truly can be your own “HEALTH HERO”!

I am SO EXCITED and PROUD to announce that I will be a guest on the Dr. Nandi Show which airs on multiple broadcast stations throughout the United States!


How to NOT Gain 10 Pounds this Holiday Season!”  

You can learn more about the episode here:


Please check your local listings for time and channel, and don’t forget to set your DVR!


Please be sure to watch “The Dr. Nandi Show” (and not Ask Dr. Nandi which is our previous series).


Hope you can tune in to watch this very important topic!

Hope you can tune in to watch this very important topic!

PLUS, I have a SPECIAL SHOW OFFER on my NEW eBook –

“How to NOT Gain 10 Pounds this Holiday Season!”

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