This is a question I am often asked, “Can I really use food and nutrients if I have very severe anxiety and/or panic attacks and I’m using medications?” Many people don’t believe it’s possible, but yes, you can!


You can completely eliminate full blown anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety (where you cannot go out to social events, or go and feel so anxious), phobias like fear of spiders or agoraphobia (where you cannot get out of the house) and even obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This message is not being told, but it is completely possible! —>>I invite you to join me at The Anxiety Summit (free & online)!

Many folks believe their anxiety is much too severe, and that food, nutrients and addressing gut bacteria, digestive enzymes and the vagus nerve couldn’t possibly help. I’m here to tell you this is just not true. It’s not uncommon for well-known thought leaders to perpetuate this myth, implying that anxiety and fears never go away. You might have heard something like this before, “Let’s not forget women’s darkest best friends: anxiety and worry,” and admitted, “I still have to fight it. I come from a long line of worriers.” I say no, you don’t have to fight it. And, Trudy Scott, host of The Anxiety Summit, is here to show you how to say no! Just because you come from a long line of worriers doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put up with it and live with it — you can eliminate the anxiety, worries and fears.

In fact, Trudy has previously interviewed Julia Ross, MA, author of The Mood Cure, on using amino acids for anxiety, and she summed it up perfectly: On a scale from zero to 10, zero is not an unrealistic goal when it comes to anxiety. It’s really the human potential and GABA and tryptophan give us access to it. I’m going to repeat this because I think it’s really worth repeating” “Zero is not an unrealistic goal when it comes to anxiety.” It starts with doing trials of GABA and tryptophan, and using food and nutrients, and finding all of your root causes and addressing them. I really want you to know this, remember this, and don’t stop looking for the answer: + It may be food changes that you need to make. + It may be breakfast that you need to eat. + It may be low serotonin or low GABA. + It may be foods that are problems for you like gluten or dairy. + It may be additives in the foods that you’re eating. + It may be toxins in your environment. There are many possible root causes, and you may have one or many of them causing your anxiety. Addressing these root causes with food and nutrients (and a functional medicine approach you can completely eliminate your anxiety even if you have very severe anxiety and/or panic attacks and you’re using medications. That’s why I would love for you to attend The Anxiety Summit: —>>I invite you to join me at The Anxiety Summit (free & online)! [closing salutation] P.S. Trudy Scott has hosted many health summits, and she is a wonderful interviewer who will get to the pearls of wisdom you need to really address anxiety, so please take a moment to register for this free event now!

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