Want to make your loved ones a homemade chocolate treat?

Time to let your own imagination fly! Start with a bar of good-quality chocolate, like Valrhona 70% or 85%. Think about what other flavors you want to include. Dried fruit? Spices? Toasted coconut? Cocoa nibs?  I personally love to keep it simple and make dark chocolate with sea salt and maybe some almonds!   Whatever you decide, just melt the chocolate bar very gently over the lowest heat setting on your stove (pull it off before it has completely melted and finish melting it by stirring it), then stir in your flavors. To make a bar/bark, spread the chocolate onto a parchment-covered baking sheet and let cool, then snap into pieces. Or to make clusters, line a mini-muffin pan with parchment mini-cups, spoon the chocolate into the cups, and let cool. You can even look for a heart shaped mold to make it even more fancy and special!

For another delicious and chocolatey treat, try my OMG Pudding!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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