Happy November!  Hope you enjoyed Halloween and didn’t eat too much candy!  Speaking of candy and sugar, November happens to be National Diabetes Awareness Month and I’m so excited to share a new resource with you!!

A few months ago, my friend and diabetes expert, Dr. Brian Mowll, invited me to participate in an exciting project he was working on, called The Diabetes Bundle.  Dr. Mowll has compiled some amazing tools and resources (including eBooks, helpful guides, recipe books, meal plans, coupons, audio and video programs) from over 30 natural health experts, including myself, to give you the material you need to help normalize your blood sugar and transform your health and it available this month at a special discounted price.
This entire package, with the coupons and materials, has a value of over $1,200, but it will be available until November 22nd for just $37!  After November 22, the price goes up.  You can check out everything in The Diabetes Bundle by clicking here.
This collection is available to you at a fraction of what it might normally cost, and best of all, you can get an  incredible, new, 128-page eBook “The Diabetes Nutrition Guide with 31 Expert Tips to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes” for FREE, to get you started on the right path!

If you have personally struggled with blood sugar, weight, cholesterol, or diabetes … this is one resource you simply don’t want to pass up.  Whether you’re just dipping your toes in looking for more information, or you’re ready to transform your health, this free Diabetes Nutrition Guide (and this amazing bundle) are both valuable and practical, with pages of great content, plus the best tips from experts who have helped countless others improve their health.
You don’t want to miss this – CLICK HERE NOW!
Be sure to pay this forward and share with your friends and family members as well before it ends November 22nd!

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