3D cover_2I get a lot of questions on how to be healthy if I have this condition or that condition, etc.  One important thing anyone can do (no matter what “condition” you may have) is to plan meals ahead of time. More importantly, don’t just plan ahead of time but also stick to the plan you make.  This way you can avoid unnecessary headaches and stress and are less tempted by other foods, snacks or drinks that are not healthy choices. This will also help you avoid excessive spending on dining out or carry out that you didn’t budget for!

One thing I use for my family is a meal planner such as The Weekly Meal Planning Tool™ to help organize meals each week.  There is an area to write in snacks as well as to put what needs to come out of the freezer beforehand so you don’t get to dinnertime and end up with a frozen steak that still needs to be thawed.  You can also alter the plan to meet your needs if you need one row for a family member who might be eating a special diet or need more modifications.  Use a tool that works for you, but mainly be sure you use something to help plan your meals each week.  Get my strategies for keeping cooking simple to help you get started with your planning in my previous blog post “5 Strategies to Keeping Cooking Simple.

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Bonus Tip:  Find Opportunities for Twofers
What exactly is a Twofer you are probably wondering, right?  A twofer happens if you can plan a meal that will have leftovers which can be used for lunch the next day or for “leftover night” another day – so basically you are getting two for one! This is also great because it can make a “no cook” night for you during the week. For example, roasted chicken can make great chicken salad for lunch or chicken fajitas for another dinner.

If you want even more tips, tricks and tools like these – please check out my Meal Plan with Sheryl eGuide.  This guide will help show you how easy it is to do meal planning. You can use these tips and tools to help you organize your meals on a weekly basis and get going on your path to a healthier you! Planning your meals makes it easy to resist the urge to just “grab fast food” because you don´t know what to make for dinner. You’ll know exactly what to look forward to eating. You can plan your snacks ahead of time, too, so that you remember to carry them with you
each day. Then you can avoid those tempting vending machines!


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