We often hear how bad white sugar is and how we need to avoid it to achieve optimal health.  I could not agree more!  With Halloween just around the corner I have sugar and candy on my mind and how I can help my family avoid it as much as possible so we can all keep our immune systems healthy through the winter months and flu season.  Did you know that sugar depletes the immune system for 5 or more hours after consumption?

So, what do I use instead?  There are a couple of sweeteners I use as alternatives for sweetening foods as well as for baking and cooking in a house with two hungry children that I don’t want snacking on Duncan Hines cupcakes or Snickers bars!

The first one is raw honey.  This is a timeless go to sweetener that has a lot of positive benefits as well. In its raw, unprocessed form it has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and phytonutrients.  Sounds amazing right?  It is in fact and it is considered to be a superfood and in ancient times was often used as a poultice for wounds due to its antibacterial and preservative effects.  I suggest you use this in yogurt, smoothies, salad dressings or on your oatmeal,  You can also bake with it if you reduce the liquid portion of the recipe accordingly.

The second amazing sweetener alternative I have started using recently is coconut palm sugar.  It is not high in fructose and has a somewhat low glycemic index at just 35 for about two tablespoons.  It is also a source of minerals, vitamin C, B vitamins, and some amino acids.  This is a wonderful sweetener because its very easy to substitute white sugar in any recipe in a 1 to 1 ratio. Coconut palm sugar is ideally the type made by evaporating the sap from the coconut blossoms into crystals and can be found in many health food stores.

Next time you want to cook up a sweet treat – like for Halloween coming up soon – try these two amazing white sugar alternatives!

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