happynewyearMany people like to make New Year’s resolutions and often at the top of the list is to be healthier, exercise more, or to eat healthier!  Affirmations are a great way to get off on a positive note and to help you make changes in your life.  Research has shown that if we make positive statements and repeat them over and over, they are going to affect our life positively. (Similarly, negative statements will affect our life negatively).   Staying positive about your health is a key to feeling and being healthy.  Moreover, to be healthier often involves managing time and stress in your life so you have more time to prepare and plan for healthier meals and make lifestyle choices that support your well being.

The following are some ideas for health affirmations you can use to help you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  • I have the ability to moderate the portions of food, work, stress, and time on my plate.
  • I manage my time effectively and proportionately for all areas of my life. My time is precious to me and I am proud of my ability to manage my time without neglecting any areas in my life.
  • I take the time to make sure the foods I eat are healthy and I take the time to prepare and enjoy them.
  • I manage my time at work so I can accomplish my tasks efficiently and professionally.
  • I take the time to relax and relieve my daily stress so I can be recharged and rejuvenated.
  • I guard my energy level and make sure it stays high enough to accomplish my tasks without feeling exhausted.
  • My time is precious and I am worth managing it well. My life is more effective overall and I am better able to enjoy my life because all the areas are included.
  • I feed my energy by eating well and relaxing as well as getting exercise. I reduce stress by relaxing and making sure my time at work is well spent. I am able to be efficient and effective at work because I am well nourished and de-stressed.
  • As I manage my time well, I am improving every area of my life because everything is connected.
  • Today I will make sure I have planned my time wisely and have left nothing out. I will take the time to eat healthy foods, manage my time at work, take time to relax and feed my energy level. I love myself by managing my time.

NOTE – Take some time each week using questions such as these for Self-Reflection and then alter your affirmations accordingly!

1. Have I taken the time to eat right and feed my energy level?

2. Have I utilized good time management skills at work?

3. Have I taken the time to relax and relieve stress?

4.  Have I made daily movement or exercise part of my schedule?

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