Cleaning Supplies 007The liver is the main organ in the body that is burdened by any toxins that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.  Some of these toxins can be controlled through the choices we make.

For optimal health it is important to use natural and organic items in your household to limit exposure to unnecessary toxins. Many towels, sheets, furniture, rugs and other common household items off gas those unnecessary chemicals and toxins in your home.  Not to mention the toxins from household cleaners, body care products, sprays and perfumes many people use daily.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your biggest toxic air pollution exposure comes from the air in your own home!

Over time a constant exposure to toxins and chemicals will begin to overwork and exhaust the liver and the detoxification systems of the body. Many common diseases may even be caused or exacerbated by exposure to chemicals and toxins that overburden the body’s immune and detoxification systems. In children, their bodies and systems are in the growth stage often making them even more susceptible.

One important step we have made in our home is choosing natural cleaners.  Most stores offer healthier alternatives to cleaning solutions. Conventional cleaners contain toxic chemicals that aren’t allowed in the workplace due to OSHA regulations, but we are allowed to buy, use in our homes, and risk exposure to our families. Safer alternatives protect us and our families from harmful chemicals and related health risks. Consider supporting these types of companies to protect yourself and the environment. They work great and smell fantastic.  I use Naturally It’s Clean enzyme cleaners as well as products from Ecover and Seventh Generation that can be found at your local health food store, some grocery stores, or even Target now carries Seventh Generation products!

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