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White Sugar-

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Annually, Americans consume over 150 pounds of sweeteners and another 15 to 20 pounds of artificial sweeteners per person. Refined white sugar is completely stripped of all nutrients, but still contains the calories. Eating excessive sugar products makes it more difficult for our bodies to absorb the minerals and vitamins it needs from other foods. Moreover, when we eat foods containing refined sugar, our bodies have to use their own store of nutrients to properly digest the food, which cause depletion and nutritional imbalances (particularly with B vitamins, which are needed to metabolize and detoxify sugar). There is a host of diseases associated with sugar consumption.

“Modern commerce has deliberately robbed some of nature’s foods of much of their body-building material while retaining the hunger satisfying energy factors. For example, in the production of white flour approximately 80 per cent or four-fifths of the phosphorus and calcium content are usually removed, together with the vitamins and minerals provided in the embryo or germ.”

~Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price, D.D.S.VS


Natural Sweeteners-

There are many healthy alternatives to both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners that would be acceptable to use in moderation, including maple syrup, dehydrated sugar cane juice (sold as Rapadura), maple sugar, raw unfiltered honey, molasses, the herb stevia and even some good fresh fruit! Consumed in moderation as part of a nutrient-dense diet that includes plenty of good quality fats, these mineral-rich, naturally sweet foods allow us to enjoy the sweet taste while nourishing the body at the same time.

“In nature, sugars and carbohydrates – the energy providers – are linked together with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, fat and fiber – the bodybuilding and digestion regulating components of foods. In whole form, sugars and starches support life.”

~ Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

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