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Would you like to see a 3D Visual Map of Your Overall Health?

Schedule Your Personal VIP Transformational Program including a 75-90 Minute Consultation and your own personal EIS Scan!

Our first appointment will be an in depth exploration of your current health concerns and goals.  It will also include an Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS Scan) to better guide me in helping you identify next steps and make dietary recommendations, give you meal ideas and other suggestions to get your started on your path to Be Healthy!

EIS Scans your body for health and metabolic risk factors, such as:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Cholesterol
  • Hormonal and Thyroid Imbalance
  • Digestive Dysfunction
  • 3-D Imaging of inflammatory processes of the colon, lymph, brain and spine.

Once you have the EIS scan, I will discuss options designed to help you reach your goals quickly, and find the solutions you are seeking.  I will share with you the best recommended protocols and specific holistic therapies that may be used to assist you in your overall health and wellness planning.

You may download the intake forms below and I will email you with some appointment options soon after payment is made.


The EIS scan is amazingly accurate. It provides easily understand-able, objective data on an individual, and allows comparison over time with repeat scans. The EIS software only measures natural body chemistry and their parameters.

The EIS machine is the only current medical device that will accurately measure the interstitial fluid that surrounds each cell of the tissue that composes your body. This is a much more stable liquid to analysis than the blood and more accurate.

Interstitial Fluid and Your Body
Interstitial fluid bathes all the cells surrounding the tissues and organs of the human body and provides each cell with oxygen and important nutrients. It circulates outside the blood and the lymphatic vessels. Upon death of a person this mysterious life fluid vanishes or collapses and becomes undetectable so little is known about it in the medical field. There is no practical method to accurately measure interstitial fluid, except EIS System.

Fun fact:  CNN recently released a story all about the Interstitium and how it may just be the largest organ in the human body.  Researchers are discovering more and more about how this important tissue and fluid impact health in so many ways.  Read on by clicking here for more information


  • An EIS Scan cannot be performed remotely.
  • The scan is performed with clothing on, so there is no need for special attire for the appointment.
  • Please no gel or artificial nails as they interfere with the equipment.
  • Shoes & socks will need to be removed for the duration of the 5-7 minute test.

Results are reviewed by Sheryl Shenefelt, CN immediately, and the duration of the 75-90 minute appointment will be spent in planning nutrition and other actions that can be taken with knowledge provided by the evaluation as well as discussing next steps in the process.

Ready to Get Started?

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NOTE:  Client intake forms can be downloaded below.  Please return them 3 days prior to your appointment via email to

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