Tips on How to Eat Gluten-Free

Many people are avoiding gluten these days for various reasons: Celiac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, inflammation issues, weight-loss, thyroid concerns, or a realization that going gluten-free seems to improve their everyday health. And of course there’s the curious contingent of folks who like to taste what all the fuss is about. For them, accidentally ingesting gluten […]

7 Tips to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

  1- Always Read Labels Do not purchase foods that contain: barley, malt, malt flavoring or malt vinegar, rye, triticale, or wheat in any form (bran, durum, germ, graham, kamut, semolina, or spelt included). Also, avoid foods that may contain gluten such as beer, breading, cereals, couscous, gravies, ice cream, imitation foods, licorice, oats, marinades, […]