FREE GIFT to you to THANK YOU for your support

At this wonderful time of year I remember all the things I am grateful for and one of them is YOU!  In gratitude to YOU, I have teamed up with my friend and colleague Angelle Batten to offer you this amazing and FREE “REAL Holiday Survival Guide“.  This eGuide is our GIFT to you to THANK YOU […]

My Favorite Health Resource

The Weston A. Price Foundation is one of the reasons why I became a nutritionist! Once I found out that nourishing the body with REAL food makes all the difference in our health AND that REAL food can and does taste good,  I was hooked. The desire to raise a healthy family made this organization my […]

Ready for a Summer Slim Down…with all REAL Food?

With all of the weight loss information we get bombarded with, it’s tough to know what diet or eating program not only works but is also healthy for you. As a Certified Health Coach who has worked with hundreds of busy moms, dads and other busy people over the last 10 years, it’s been a […]