Kid-Made Healthy Holiday Treats

The best part of any holiday is spending time with family and friends—it’s a lot more fun to make treats together in the kitchen than battle for parking places at the mall! If you have little ones around, they’ll want to be involved, too, so it’s great to have recipes on hand just for them. […]

Healthier Holiday Treats & Sweets

Holiday treats don’t have to equal holiday guilt (or pounds)—it doesn’t take much effort to transform traditional favorites into healthy new favorites. All you need to do is focus on individual ingredients. Use unrefined oils, not vegetable oil; opt for whole-grain flours, not white flour; use natural sweeteners, not white sugar. Once you’ve renovated your […]

Holiday Treats & Tips

Time to spread some edible holiday cheer! Everybody likes treats, especially when they’re homemade. And when they’re as delicious as they are nutritious (not to mention easy to make), your guests will enjoy the holiday spirit even more. Make these treats for your own table or take them to parties…or make them any time of […]