Creating a Healthy Holidays

Many people get nervous around the holidays because they think they need to avoid everything and won’t have any fun if they are trying to eat healthy.  The good new is, healthy eating around the holidays can also be delicious eating! It’s also less expensive than you’d think. Sure, there’s a little more elbow grease […]

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Don’t wait until after the new year to set a resolution – start now and get on your path to optimal health with this Cyber Monday Be Healthy Offer for just $5! I’d love to offer you my two most popular resources to help you discover natural solutions that include healthy foods, smart habits and high-quality choices. Buy […]

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15

These are two lists that are worth getting to know and worth taking with you the next time you are grocery shopping!  According to the Environmental Working Group, the Dirty Dozen includes 12 crops that are the top-sprayed crops and are therefore worth buying organic. Most pesticides are absorbed into the produce, and those pesticides […]

5 Grocery Shopping Tips

1 – Shop the perimeter of the store The real food at a grocery store it going to be in the perimeter of the store.  If you are shopping in center aisles then be sure to read labels carefully and look at all of the ingredients on packages to ensure that it is something you […]

2015: A Year of Great Food!

The idea of eating better often makes it onto New Year’s resolution lists, but usually in the form of calorie-counting or portion control. Goals focused on restriction and short-term thinking generally don’t work for lots of reasons, chief among them because restriction isn’t fun and doesn’t make food taste better. So how about focusing on […]

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The holiday season is upon us and I want to help you achieve your health related goals as quickly as possible with my Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales!  Don’t wait until after the new year to set a resolution – start now and get on your path to optimal health. First of all, my NEW eGuide […]

How to Choose Healthy Food

Use these simple guidelines to help you choose healthier food for you and your family: Produce Although it is usually more expensive, organic produce is much healthier and nutritious than non-organic produce. Ideally all produce should be fresh, ripe, in season and locally grown.  Look for a local farmer’s market or food co-op, or consider […]

FREE Grocery Shopping Resources!

What Foods Should I Eat? What Foods Should I Avoid? If you are wondering the answers to these questions and not sure how to shop for healthy foods please check out my FREE ‘Shop with Sheryl’ Resources.  I created these tools to help you grocery shop, plan meals and choose foods that will help you […]