This is NOT Real Soup!

I am a little late getting my blog out this week and it is because I have been a bit under the weather.  My go to when I don’t feel good is homemade chicken soup.  I talked in a previous blog about making broth from scratch to get the most nutrition possible.  So, in light […]

Amazing Tortilla Soup

Fall is here, which means its soup time!  This is one of our family favorites that I have shared before but want to make sure everyone gets it.  I make this in large batches and freeze it in Pyrex Dishes so we have it on hand at any given time.  We have this for dinner sometimes […]

Delicious Fall Soup Recipe

Happy Fall!  It’s time to start making soup again.  My kids love to take soup in their lunch boxes (which I am very grateful for).  This one is a nice warming soup on a chilly day.  Excerpted from my NEW book The Skinny on Fats, which has many more great recipes too.  Enjoy:) Thai Style […]

Grace’s Greek Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

It has been a cold winter here in Michigan and so we have been eating a lot of soups to keep us warm!  This my daughter’s favorite soup, so I named it after her.  It features lots of eggs in the recipe and I suggest you opt for free-range, organic eggs if possible from your […]