Healthy Fats for a Healthy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Wouldn’t you love it if I told you fats are good for you and you need to eat more fat this year?  Well, its your lucky year, because that is what I am here to tell you!  Many people think they need to avoid fats like butter or coconut oil thinking them to […]

Eat Fat and Improve Brain Function at School

School is back in session and now it is time to start thinking about healthy breakfasts and lunches again when time is short and sometimes rushed in the mornings!  We all want our kids to have optimal brain function during the day so they can focus, learn, and make good decisions.  To make these functions […]

The Skinny on Fats – Coming Soon!

I am excited to share with you that my new book is coming soon called The Skinny on Fats, co-authored with Dr. David Brownstein!   Here is a brief synopsis. The Skinny on Fats was written to educate you about the importance of consuming good sources of dietary fats. This book will teach you why […]