Brain Foods for Kids (Adults Too!)

No matter how old you are, you want your day to get off to a great start. Kids especially need good fuel for their brains from the minute they wake up all the way through to the evening—that homework won’t finish itself! Besides, if they aren’t able to pay attention in class during the day, […]

Eggs + Cheese + Potatoes = Easy Breakfasts

You can use any kind of potatoes for this ultra-savory breakfast — leftover already-cooked potatoes are the quickest to use — but not only are purple potatoes the most eye-catching, they also contain anthocyanins, the same purple pigment that gives blueberries their “superfood” name. Or go with a confetti approach and use a mix of […]

Healthy Breakfast Quiche Cups

Looking for something simple to make to feed your family at breakfast time when they stay over this holiday season?  These are simple and delicious (and gluten-free).  You can even make them in advance and then just warm up in the morning.  Enjoy!   Healthy Breakfast Quiche Cups Ingredients: 5 organic (free-range) eggs, beaten 1 […]