Michigan Nutritionist Expands Practice with New Programs and Website

Front Street PR announces their client, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Sheryl Shenefelt has launched a new private client program that provides new resources, including Shenefelt’s personal Rolodex and plans to soon relaunch an expanded website

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Michigan nutritionist and author Sheryl Shenefelt recently announced the upcoming launch of a new website, and has unveiled new programs and resources for clients, announces her publicist Front Street PR.

The new website was designed with clients in mind. “Users will see the revamped website is easier to navigate and addresses the real needs of our clients when they are using our website, which will allow them to access information in a timely and efficient manner,” Shenefelt said.

The launch of the new website is tied to the Michigan nutritionist’s recently designed private, three-month personalized VIP program, which includes an in-person or online consultation and grocery store tour, which includes three months of weekly check-ins and much more.

“The VIP Program is designed for clients who are serious about making a change,” Shenefelt said. “Real change takes time and support. I designed the VIP program to offer the support and customized resources needed to get clients through the process of change to a healthy lifestyle.”

Each VIP program plan is personalized for the individual client’s needs — varying from ailment relief and digestive issues to weight loss and anti-aging — and comes complete with weekly food intake form analysis, personalized menus, personalized supplement plans, online resources and information and a welcome package featuring some of this Michigan nutritionist’s favorite products.

“I love coconut oil and I recommend it to everyone, it is the healthiest natural oil on Earth and its health and healing properties are endless,” Shenefelt said. “Virgin coconut oil is great for cooking and is a heart healthy form of saturated fat that increases metabolism, boosts the immune system, supports thyroid health, and has anti-Candida properties which rejuvenates skin.”

Shenefelt, a certified Michigan nutritionist and holistic health and food coach, has gained local and international fame through her work with renowned physician Dr. David Brownstein. Together, the duo has co-authored “The Guide to Healthy Eating,” “The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet,” “The Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet” and “The Soy Deception.”

More than 50,000 copies of Shenefelt’s books have sold in the past five months. Shenefelt’s passion for health and nutrition is superseded by her passion for people and helping
clients obtain their health and lifestyle goals. She readily shares knowledge and the information she’s collected over the years with clients to aid them in the transformation of happier, healthier more fulfilling life.

“Take the information and use it,” Shenefelt tells her clients. Due to the high demand for Shenefelt’s nutritionist services, the number of VIP clients she can take on at a time is limited and all potential clients must fill out an application prior to being accepted for the program.

“The three-month VIP program is geared towards people who are serious about improving their health and lifestyle, but have busy lives. It’s about building a relationship with them, giving them the tools, resources and support they need and leading them down that path of rapid transformation to a healthier, happier life,” Shenefelt said.

For more information, and to download her free ebook, “The Healthy Handbook: Simple Strategies to Reduce Your Symptoms, and Your Waist,” go to http://www.SherylShenefelt.com.

Contact Sheryl Shenefelt at (248) 766-2425 or email her at Sheryl(at)SherylShenefelt(dot)com.



Get the Skinny on Fats with New Book

Natural Awakenings December 2014 Get the Skinny on Fats with New Book

Dr. Brownstein and Sheryl Shenefelt announce a new book release called The Skinny on Fats.

“We are excited that we have written a new book on a health topic that many people worry about and wonder about that is whether or not to eat fat, says Sheryl Shenefelt, co-author of the book. “We feel it will help people make proper health decisions. Because many people face health challenges, especially around weight issues, and they are misinformed about eating a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet, we can inform them about the real deal about fats.”

“This is my 5th book on a topic with much controversy and has recently been in the press as people have realized we do need fat to live,” explains Shenefelt

The cost of the book is $18. Contact 248-766-2425 or visit SherylShenefelt.com and DrBrownstein.com for more information.

This news item appears in the December 2014 print and digital edition of the East Michigan Natural Awakenings magazine.


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