All About Sea Vegetables

I have been getting many questions about thyroid health lately and I want to point out that eating more sea vegetables can be a great way to support thyroid function due to the iodine in them.  Sea vegetables also contain high amounts of B vitamins, calcium and many minerals from the ocean. Some are high […]

Simple Stews and Soups

The best thing about cold weather is how good stews and soups taste on a chilly day. Better yet, one-pot dinners are easy to make—clean-up is at a minimum, and most of the base ingredients are nonperishable items you can stash away in your pantry or freezer. And one soup pot can easily feed a […]

Where to Buy the Healthiest Food for Your Family

The healthiest food you can buy is from farmers in your local area.  Ideally you want to look for organic, grass-fed, sustainably grown food.   Buying local ensures you will have the freshest and most nutritious food possible, while also supporting your local agriculture. There are several ways you can buy from a farmer including: […]