Soy – The Silent Infiltrator

Soy – the silent infiltrator – can now be found in countless products at the grocery store and is touted to be the ultimate health food. Used as a meat replacer and a milk replacer without the ‘so-called’ negative aspects of meat and milk.  Soy is everywhere and even jnfants may be exposed to soy […]

All About Sea Vegetables

I have been getting many questions about thyroid health lately and I want to point out that eating more sea vegetables can be a great way to support thyroid function due to the iodine in them.  Sea vegetables also contain high amounts of B vitamins, calcium and many minerals from the ocean. Some are high […]

FREE online – How to Heal Your Body Naturally

Learn secret cures to naturally heal your body from 30 unique presentations! The Natural Cures Movement includes natural remedies and treatment protocols for specific conditions like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. The home remedies and natural cures you will discover could help you begin a path to better health and disease prevention! […]

Don’t Miss This Chance to Optimize Your Health

You probably saw my recommendations to attend The Thyroid Summit last week. If you attended, you were one of nearly 100,000 people in 168 countries who learned that dozens of “diseases” are tied to low (or high) levels of thyroid. Your thyroid hormone is not always measured accurately, so you fall through the cracks. A […]

32 Ways to Rediscover Your Health

There’s one hormone that touches every single cell in your body: the thyroid hormone. Which means, if your thyroid is malfunctioning you could feel fatigued, anxious, cold, moody, depressed, or you could have hair loss, obesity or dry skin. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has a very difficult time connecting any of these symptoms (and many more) with a thyroid […]

FREE Online Event: The Thyroid Summit

The Thyroid Summit is going to be more educational and more informative than any health event in the past decade. It’s fun, it’s life-changing and better yet, it’s ONLINE and FREE from June 2-9, 2014.  Suzy and David created The Thyroid Summit because they both had personal experiences with undiagnosed thyroid illness. The frustration of […]