End of Summer Special on Nutrition Consultations

The end of the summer is here and school is back in session soon.  Take some time to get yourself back on track with your health and put yourself at the top of your to-do list this fall. For a limited time I am offering a special discounted price on individual nutrition consulting sessions.   […]

Eat Too Much Turkey?

A lot of people feel bloated and heavy after a big Thanksgiving meal. You are not alone.  If you want to get rid of some of that bloat and feel better for the rest of the holiday season try this amazing 3-day cleanse called The Suero Cleanse!  I love it because it takes away all […]

Supplementing with Iodine

I get many emails and questions about iodine and how to supplement properly.  First of all, I want to clarify that this is something that is best to discuss with your doctor or to find a holistic doctor who can guide you. You can search online for holistic doctors in your area at www.acam.org.  Keep […]