Black Friday-Cyber Monday Super Sales and e-Guide BOGO!

The holiday season is upon us and I want to help you achieve your health related goals as quickly as possible with my Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales!  Don’t wait until after the new year to set a resolution – start now and get on your path to optimal health. First of all, my NEW eGuide […]

Healthy Eating Made Simple

Good news—healthy eating is delicious eating! It’s also less expensive than you’d think. Sure, there’s a little more elbow grease involved in making your own food, but hey, why over pay for a gym membership when you can stir, chop, and flip? Saves you money and it’s fun at the same time…plus it’s a good […]

How to Choose Healthy Food

Use these simple guidelines to help you choose healthier food for you and your family: Produce Although it is usually more expensive, organic produce is much healthier and nutritious than non-organic produce. Ideally all produce should be fresh, ripe, in season and locally grown.  Look for a local farmer’s market or food co-op, or consider […]

5 Ingredients to Avoid

1) Hydrogenated oils/trans fats – These over processed fats have been shown to cause heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, general deterioration of cellular health, and much more. Hydrogenated oils are present in cookies, crackers, baked goods, reduced-fat spreads like margarine and many other manufactured foods. Why are these harmful oils used? To extend shelf life and […]

FREE Grocery Shopping Resources!

What Foods Should I Eat? What Foods Should I Avoid? If you are wondering the answers to these questions and not sure how to shop for healthy foods please check out my FREE ‘Shop with Sheryl’ Resources.  I created these tools to help you grocery shop, plan meals and choose foods that will help you […]

Buy Local and Organic Food!

I often stress to my patients the importance of buying local and organic food whenever possible.  Buying organic products is important not only for the higher quality of food, but also for the impact on our economy and agriculture.  As we continue to support the organic and eco-friendly industries, environmental protection and lower pricing on […]