Condiments, Condiments, Condiments

Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Weekend full of spending time with loved ones and remembering loved ones.  Thinking ahead to summer and cookouts and picnics and maybe you are looking to add some pep and variety to your meals and to your cooking repertoire?  Condiments offer endless ways to spice up vegetables, soups, whole […]

All About Sea Vegetables

I have been getting many questions about thyroid health lately and I want to point out that eating more sea vegetables can be a great way to support thyroid function due to the iodine in them.  Sea vegetables also contain high amounts of B vitamins, calcium and many minerals from the ocean. Some are high […]

Why You Should NOT Limit Your Salt Intake?

Yes you read that right – I am saying you should NOT limit your salt intake!  Why is this?  Well, as Dr. Brownstein posts in his blog, we need salt to live.  It is important for many biochemical processes in the body.  Now, I am not talking about that white, refined table salt they have […]

We Need Salt to Live!

Many people believe salt is harmful to humans, however, the truth is that we need salt to live! Salt has been vilified by the media and many physicians for causing hypertension and other chronic health disorders.  However, according to Dr. Brownstein, author of Salt Your Way to Health, “those criticizing salt have no knowledge of […]