Boost Your Energy, Feel Better And Look Great in 2014!

Do you want to jump start your health this January 2014? Do you want a way to lose that extra holiday weight, boost your energy, kick your cravings and improve your mood? Do you want recipes, menu plans, support and step by step guidance so you can look and feel your best in 2014? Let […]

Want to look and feel your best this holiday season?

I have exciting news for those of you who missed the sign up for the 14-day Get REAL with your HEALTH Cleanse and still want to join in! I shared in a previous blog about this amazing cleanse that I did myself and many of you are doing the cleanse right now!  I have gotten […]

Learn how to boost your energy and top foods to lose some weight!

Join Author, Radio Show Host and Wellness Physician Dr. Josh Axe for this 90 minute talk and learn: *how to boost your energy and gain clarity; *what’s keeping you from losing the last 10, 20, even 50 pounds; *the top foods for detoxing and losing weight Dr. Axe will talk about all this AND how […]

Fall is a Time For Transition and Cleansing!

Fall is here!  Whenever I think of fall I think of cleansing, inner reflection and letting go.  It’s a transition period and a great time to do a cleanse or a detox for your body.  I just finished doing a cleanse (early fall) and love how I feel with more energy and more excitement for […]

All About The Upcoming 14 Day Get REAL with Your Health Cleanse!

The 14 Day Get REAL with your Health Cleanse is just around the corner starting October 16th!  Get on board with your health now and join us for just 14 days to feel better about yourself, get more energy, and learn tips and get recipes for optimal health to carry forward!  I have teamed up […]

Lose Weight, Feel Good, Get More Energy and More!

I just finished an amazing 14 days!  I have more clarity, less anxiety, better moods, less cravings, less bloating – all those things have improved – plus I lost a few pounds which is always an added bonus! What did I do you ask? Well, I just put myself at the top of my to […]

Summer Sale – 30 e-books for just $39 (over $650 value!)

I am excited to share this great summer sale from Village Green Network from some great healthy eating and healthy lifestyle bloggers!  For only ONE week (Sept 4th-10th) you get $650 worth of information for just $39!  This bundle includes 30 e-books full of great info, tips, tricks and recipes about real food, grain-free diets, […]

Think Twice Before Doing Those Bitewings…

I know my dentist always wants me to do my regularly scheduled bitewings and x-rays not only of my teeth but of my kids teeth and they are only 7 and 11.  I know this is to help me find things maybe he cannot see and I am not blaming my dentist – I love […]

Great Health Tips, Tricks, Recipes and More!

Many people have been emailing me for more tips, more tricks, more recipes, and more resources.  So, I wanted to share a recent download I made that is full of great health and wellness information!  This is a great offer for anyone interested in a Healthy Living lifestyle.  These bloggers have a similar food philosophy […]

Natural Deodorant that Works!

Many people email me about natural and organic body care products.  Well, I have finally found a deodorant that I like and that actually works.  It’s paraben free, aluminum free and it is all natural and organic.  It is made with organic coconut oil and essential oils that are healthy for your body versus filling […]