Chillin’ Out with Cool Summertime Treats

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you want something cold. If you have an ice cream maker, time to make your own ice cream and frozen yogurt! But even if you don’t, you can still enjoy cool milkshakes and Greek yogurt parfaits made with fresh ingredients and a minimum of sugar. (Store-bought yogurt often contains more […]

My Favorite Morning Smoothie!

I have a new favorite smoothie!  I love how rich and creamy it is and my son asks me if I put ice cream in it he loves it so much!  I love it because I know I am getting rich probiotics, antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber.  I add an egg yolk to this recipe […]

Eggs – too much cholesterol?

Eggs are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients and yes they are cholesterol rich!  So, does that mean we should avoid them?  The answer is no!  We need cholesterol in our body for many important functions and our body actually makes cholesterol even if we try to avoid it.  Contrary to popular belief, the amount of […]

Food Face Off Part III: Commercial Meats VS Grass-Fed Meats

  Which Would You Choose? Commercial Meats- Many animals in factory farms never see direct sunlight; their feet never touch the earth, and they are unable to behave naturally. Chickens are crammed tightly into small cages stacked on top of each other; the birds cannot spread their wings or peck the ground. Pigs cannot root […]

Why Grass-Fed Beef is Better

People often ask me if red meat is good for them.  My answer is yes and no. Yes it can be good for you if you eat meat from HAPPY cows!  Happy cows get out on the pasture and eat grass (that is what a cow should be eating by the way).  Pastured animals are […]