Avoid These 4 Things and Be Healthier

#1 – Avoid Aluminum Aluminum is a highly toxic metal. Large numbers of aluminum molecules enter food that is cooked, covered by, or stored in aluminum pots, pans, cans, and foil. Teflon coatings (also toxic) do not prevent aluminum from leaching into foods. Aluminum toxicity has been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Be […]

Swap Screen Time for Nature Time

Between TVs, phones, and computers, the average American child spends seven hours a day in front of a screen. Some of that is educational material, but still, it’s time for kids and adults to trade in some screen time for some real-world outdoor fun, especially before winter kicks in. The outdoors is too much fun […]

Make Food Fresh—Spring Clean Your Pantry!

When spring rolls around, we think about cleaning our houses from top to bottom (which I have been doing the past two days!), but what about the pantry? Jars roll into corners, bags get pushed to the back, everyone keeps ignoring the hominy…time to spring clean the pantry, too! (Got hominy? Add it to soups, […]

Essential Oils 101

It seems like everyone is talking about essential oils these days.  I have been using them for 15 years and they are quite amazing I do agree! Essential oils—or hydrosols, as they’re sometimes called—are aromatic compounds extracted from plants. The term “essential” is related to the “essence” or unique fragrance of each plant. Unlike the […]

Want to Learn How to Feed Your Family Healthier?

My good friend and colleague Angelle Batten has an amazing program launching this week that can help you feed your family healthier! This is a virtual guided coaching program that has a lot of personal support and attention. You get to learn from your own home {no need to get dressed and do your hair before meeting […]

Water, Wonderful Water!

Our bodies are mostly water, and so an ongoing intake of water is essential to our every function. Drink the appropriate amounts, and everything is much more likely to function at optimal levels. Don’t drink enough water, and over the short term you will experience routine fatigue, dry skin, headaches and constipation; over the longer […]

Great Health Tips, Tricks, Recipes and More!

Many people have been emailing me for more tips, more tricks, more recipes, and more resources.  So, I wanted to share a recent download I made that is full of great health and wellness information!  This is a great offer for anyone interested in a Healthy Living lifestyle.  These bloggers have a similar food philosophy […]

Last minute organic gift ideas…

A friend of mine shared this great link with me if you are looking for some cool and unique last minute gifts!  Not only are they organic, but according to their website they help you to give the gift of sustainability!  Get ideas for babies, kids, adults and more! Click here to check out this […]

Drink Pure Water!

Drinking pure water is important for optimal health. Our bodies are mostly water and so intake of water is essential to functioning at optimum levels.  Without enough water, you may experience fatigue, dry skin, headaches, and constipation.  Over time in a dehydration state, every body function begins to degrade more quickly.  One idea that I […]

Toxins and Natural Cleaners!

The liver is the main organ in the body that is burdened by any toxins that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.  Some of these toxins can be controlled through the choices we make. For optimal health it is important to use natural and organic items in your household to limit exposure to […]