Vision For A Place To Be

A Place to Be…Coming Soon to A Community Near You!


It’s a country club, in the city
It’s a Starbuck’s with a purpose
It’s a retreat experience
It’s a place of character, community and connection

It’s a Place to Be
Your third place

Member driven
Member owned

Our Vision

Not simply a business, a health place, a holistic center, a spiritual space, or an education center, A Place to Be represents a way of life. A Place to Be is creating a venue to facilitate dialogue, interaction and the sharing of experiences, ideas, products, services, resources and information among familiarity and peers.  Ultimately, A Place to Be is dedicated to the concept of supporting a positive transformation of the world one community at a time by creating physical locations nationwide.

Be the Change you Wish to See in the World

Would you like your community to be a great place to raise your kids?

Would it be cool to have a happy hour with driven business and community leaders that care?

Would it be beneficial to share what you do and why you are unique with people who will spread your message?

Would you like to know more about your community and what all it has to offer?

Would you like to give back and looking for unique/cool ways to do it and how to do it with your family?

Offerings Such As:

  • Morning organic coffee
  • Social lunch
  • Learning lunches
  • Happy Hour
  • Evening events
  • Family events
  • Health/Wellness support
  • Business growth
  • Networking
  • Affinity circles
  • Philanthropy – Character, Community, Kids

Note From The Founders

“This is about life and leaving our world a better place for our children and theirs. We feel if there is a location for people who are open to creating their own reality and who want to enter into mutually-supportive relationships with others who share their values, this space and the connections formed in it can become the epicenter of a powerful new movement able to transform individuals and communities. We have faith that if given an opening and a little support our fellow human beings will rise to the challenge of making our world a better ‘place to be’.”