Mix ‘n’ Match Mile-High Salad

Woman pouring herbs into bowl of salad in kitchen, close-up of hand

This is a great way to make use of any perishables that need to be eaten, plus many of these ingredients are pantry items that you can make a point to keep around—having a well-stocked pantry makes it easier to use fresh produce. Mixed salad without dressing can be refrigerated for 2 days.

For the salad

Lettuce of your choice (Learn more in last week’s post – Get to Know Your Lettuce):
Chopped Romaine
Chopped red or green leaf
Baby spinach
Chopped Bibb or Boston
Chopped endive or radicchio
“Exotics” like mâche or frisée or dandelion (good reason not to spray your lawn!)

Crunchy elements:
Crumbled corn or rice chips as croutons
Toasted nuts
Toasted seeds

Extra-savory elements:
Canned beans of your choice
Hard-boiled eggs
Canned seafood: tuna, crab, shrimp, sardines, anchovies, etc.
Cheeses, especially flavorful cheeses like aged cheeses, blue cheeses, and tangy sheep’s-milk and goat’s-milk cheeses
Chopped olives

Fun veggies:
Canned or freshly simmered sliced beets
Grated carrots
Chopped cucumber
Jarred pepperoncini

In a large bowl, mix and match your salad ingredients/elements according to your mood and what you have on hand.

For the dressing

All-purpose salad dressing (makes enough to serve 4 people; double or triple as necessary):

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic or red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons Italian seasonings or a blend of dried basil, oregano, and thyme

To make the dressing, whisk the oil, vinegar, and mustard together in a small bowl, then whisk in the herbs. Leftover dressing can be refrigerated for up to a week.



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