Outdoor Fun in the Sun

summer fun


Summer is fleeting, so get outside while you can! From participating in community activities to polishing off your to-do list, it’s easy to feel fit and fresh. Here are some ideas to get you and your family out and about these last few days of summer:


  • Set up some fun games on your lawn. Hosting a BBQ? Having a deck party? Just want an excuse to get outside and enjoy some friendly competition? Bocce ball began in Europe, but has gotten popular in the U.S. as well; ditto for croquet. They’re both easygoing games that anyone can play at any age. Or set up a homemade version of lawn darts with coffee cans and some golf balls—just toss to see who can get a bull’s-eye. (Better yet, use concentric cans of different sizes to create lawn skeeball.)
  • If you don’t mind spending a few minutes setting up a net and your lawn is big enough to host a court, badminton and volleyball are perennial favorites. (Go with a beach ball if you want a low-key volleyball game.) Or if your neighborhood has tennis courts and you’ve got tennis rackets, take advantage of pre-arranged courts. Don’t have rackets? Shop at stores selling used sports goods or check out neighborhood garage sales.
  • Your neighborhood might also be home to a disc golf course, which is not only scenic but involves a good mix of walking and throwing. Plus, any number of people can play at the same time, so you can bring a group of friends along for lots of free fun. You might even want to play a few solo rounds to perfect your aim. Discs typically cost less than $10 and last for years.
  • Into yoga, dance, or swimming? Local community centers often offer a wide range of sports training and classes, and some also have ongoing open sessions and pick-up games, many of which are held outdoors. Some classes might even be held in community parks.
  • Who doesn’t love mini golf? Look for an outdoor course near you. It might not be the most strenuous kind of exercise, but you’re still enjoying the sun as you putt and walk. Or if you’re into the real deal, head for a regular golf course. (Extra points for ditching the cart if you want to enjoy a nice long walk!)
  • Chances are, you aren’t too far from a metro or state park. Hiking opportunities abound, plus many parks include lakes where you can rent kayaks or swim. Some also have bike lanes running through the park. Bring a picnic lunch and some sunscreen and plan on spending the day immersed in nature!
  • Speaking of bikes, if you have baskets on your bike, consider doing errands on two wheels rather than four. Need to do some light grocery shopping? Want to swing by the library and check out some books? Take your bike and fill those baskets! Or put on a backpack and bike off to your errands. Swapping driving for biking or walking is an easy way to fit more outdoor fun into your summer.
  • Gardening, mowing the lawn, DIY landscaping…it’s all called yardwork, but why not think of it as a chance to enjoy some fresh air? If your lawn isn’t very big, you might want to switch from a gas-powered lawnmower to an old-fashioned reel lawn mower, the kind that you push yourself. It’s the ultimate in energy efficiency—you are the fuel! It starts every time, and since it’s whisper-quiet, you can mow the lawn whenever you like without disturbing the neighbors. While you’re at it, enjoy a Zen moment and use a broom or rake instead of a blower to whisk debris off sidewalks and driveways.

Enjoy your outdoor time!



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