A New Year, A New You

iStock_000036711742LargeHappy New Year!  Over the past few weeks I have been celebrating an amazing 2014 with my family and friends.  Now, its time to looking forward and to make it an even better year in 2015. Setting health goals is probably the number one new year’s resolution people make for themselves.  I want to support you and be a resource for you and get you on your path to optimal health in 2015 and beyond.  First, I suggest you take some time to celebrate and be grateful for all of the amazing things you achieved in 2014 and any steps you took toward being a healthier, happier you.  Next, take a look at what your goals are for this next year.  How do you want to feel?  Do you want to learn to eat healthier?  Are you exercising?  Make a plan you can live with and then stick to it.  Gather some friends and exercise together or make meals together.  Try something new, like a new recipe once per week or once per month.  It’s a new year, and its time for a new you!

To get you started, I wanted to share 3 resources to help you have a healthy start to the new year:

#1 – Get my latest eBook – Your REAL Holiday Survival Guide -this is not just for before the holidays but steps, tips and strategies to help you the whole year through.  CLICK HERE to order it today!

#2 – Download some of my FREE tools including my What Foods to Eat and What Foods to avoid eGuide, a shopping guide, and my weekly meal planning tool to help you get on track and stay on track!  CLICK HERE to get these FREE resources.

#3 – Join our 14 Day Get REAL Challenge – Starts January 18th.  It’s time to put YOU at the TOP OF YOUR TO DO LIST!  There’s nothing selfish about investing time or money into your own health and happiness.  Lose weight, kick cravings and boost your energy in this motivating and supportive program.  CLICK HERE for details and to register by  January 8th!14daycleanse_products_web


Read more about the 14 Day Challenge designed and supported by my good friend and Family Health Coach Angelle Batten:

  • Emails the week prior to the start date to help you get ready for your 14 Day Plan. You will get information & tips to set you up for success.
  • The week prior to the start date you will receive the eGuide that has everything you need – a menu plan, recipes, shopping guide and detox/drainage support ideas. The recipes are always a huge hit and are family friendly. Here’s a sample Fall/Winter Menu Plan and a sample Spring/Summer Menu Plan.
  • An invitation to a private Facebook Group {for life!} where I will be posting information, inspiration, support and and answering questions along with connecting you with the other moms in the group – and you get the lifetime support of the group AFTER the cleanse is over {invaluable!}.
  • Once the 14 days begin, you’ll receive a daily email from me. It details the next day’s plan and has BONUS learning to help your whole family. Plus it will have the inspiration you need to reach your goals.
  • Support from REAL food and REAL fitness experts. You will have access to live and recorded calls about fitness, emotional eating, gut health and more!

Also included in your program {shipped to you as soon as you register}:

  • 18 bottles of Beyond Organic’s 3-day SueroViv, {click link to read nutritional information} a cultured whey drink with probiotics and potassium that supports cellular detoxing for the liquid part of the program on Days 3, 4, and 5
  • 6 bottles of Beyond Organic’s Amasai, {click link to read nutritional information} an easily digested probiotic-rich drink from traditional species of grass-fed cows {and is one of my secret-weapons for feeling great all morning} to use as a base for your smoothie recipes during the program. Even for people who normally don’t tolerate dairy well, this old-world cultured dairy with a specific type of protein, has not only been well-digested and tolerated but with it’s 30+ strains of probiotics and healthy fat, it supports an overall healthy digestive system and body.
  • 1 bottle of Beyond Organic’s Sacred Herbs, {click link to read nutritional information} a fermented herbal supplement that supports less inflammation and healthy digestion!
  • Your box of goodies {$153 retail value!} will be on your doorstep at no extra charge.

What’s this all worth?

What’s it worth to you to have amazing energy, no more cravings, be at your healthiest weight, not have to spend money on prescription meds, have comfortable joints, healthier blood sugar levels and blood pressure, not to mention having clear eyes and glowing skin? Based on the hundreds and hundreds of life-changing testimonials I’ve received I’d bet money that you’ll say this program is priceless. With the coaching, education and products it’s definitely worth over $1200. However I’m not charging you that much because I want as many busy moms and others to get REAL with their health  as possible. That’s why this program is just $179. I get that this might be a lot of money for you. Think of it as an investment in yourself and in your family. You have one life to live. You have a limited amount of time with your kids at home. Invest in yourself now and change your health path and your family’s forever. This will be the best health insurance plan you can ever purchase. Promise.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!




  1. Hello Sheryl,

    I enjoy receiving your healthy emails teaching me the best ways to get healthy and to maintain it.
    I am blessed to be a patient of Dr. B.’s. I am reading the books you two have written and implementing
    the advice into my families daily regime. Because of your advice I am feeling terrific!! Thank you caring
    enough to share with us all.

    To an even healthier 2015, Pam

  2. So excited to she how everyone does! Cheers to everyone’s good health! Happy New Year!

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