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todolistKids are back in school, fall is just around the corner – what a great time to put YOU at the TOP of your To Do List!  Join the next group going through this amazing, lifestyle changing 14-Day program.  Not only will you lose a couple pounds, but you will have more clarity and energy for life.  You will learn how to make great meals for you and your family.  You will get tips, strategies, support and recipes to help you even after the 14 days. Don’t wait – sign up today.  Fall is a great time to cleanse your system, get rid of toxins and be a healthier YOU for the holiday season.   The biggest difference in the 14-Day Get Real program is that we guide you!   We offer coaching and a shoulder to lean on via our private Get Real Facebook Group and daily emails that encourage and share our favorite tips and cleanse secrets.   The next session starts October 5th so please sign up by September 28th to get your spot.  Email me if you sign-up for the October session and you will get a FREE 15 minute phone consultation!  Read more and sign-up by clicking HERE

What people are saying:

Before the cleanse I was eating on the run, in my car and taking in food for convenience or comfort instead of for health. My energy was so low I couldn’t even work out. The changes over the last 2 weeks are nothing short of amazing to me. I feel like a new person. I can’t believe I fasted for 3 days and I was fine!! My energy is amazing. I’ve started doing the burst fit training and I lost 10 lbs. I’ve learned so much about how to eat and want to continue to eat this way and help my family do the same. Thank you! -Hannah Cornell-Schroeder, Mom of 5

Before I did the cleanse I’d eat a ton of sweets and snack after 9 p.m. After the cleanse I’m not craving sugar AT ALL and don’t need to eat between meals or after 9 p.m. I lost 8 pounds. -Dr. Eric Mintz, Dad of 2

As a 38 year old busy working mom, I found myself stuck as far as weight loss and health goes. I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon of the latest diet trends and I did enter into this process a bit skeptical … not even sure if I would last the entire 14 days. I decided to give it a chance and see what it felt like to kick some addictions including caffeine, sugar, and sigh … pasta. I followed Angelle’s direction at kicking the caffeine habit pre-cleanse. I feel that helped me to be successful as my withdrawal symptoms had subsided by Day 1 of the cleanse. During the cleanse I followed it very closely and was absolutely amazed at the changes I experienced in such a short time. Headaches gone. Bloating gone. Mid-day fatigue gone. It sure didn’t hurt that I lost 10 pounds along the way. As a busy mom of 2 active boys I was desperate for a way to serve nutrient rich meals that everyone would like. Angelle passed on to me a very simple equation for feeding myself and my family REAL foods for maximum health benefits. If you commit to a little time for planning and changing the way you think about food you can do this too! Give yourself 14 days … you won’t be sorry. -Christina Puz, Mom of 2






  1. Candace Gorsuch says:

    I’m curious when your next 14 day cleanse will begin?

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