‘Eat Butter’ Says Time Magazine

the-skinny-on-fatsEven Time Magazine has finally caught on – we need to ‘eat butter’ and saturated fats are not the demons they have been portrayed as over the years.  It’s a great coincidence that my NEW book, The Skinny on Fats, happened to come out the same week that Time Magazine declares an End to the War on Fat in its latest article.  We have been listening to the media, the USDA and other Powers-That-Be for far too long now as they have preached for us to avoid cholesterol and fat and eat more grains.  We have unprecedented levels of weight and obesity issues as well as chronic disease from the poor advice we have been following.  It’s time to change our paradigm around fat and start eating it!  Butter, coconut oil, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, and all the foods we have avoided like the plague are in fact health promoting.  It’s the processed carbs, grains, sugar, and vegetable oils that need to be tossed in the trash.  So, go ahead and eat that butter.  Check out this video from the Today’s show and hear more about why you need to eat butter!

Learn more about butter and other good fats as well as the bad and the ugly fats you need to avoid in my new book co-authored with Dr. David Brownstein called The Skinny on Fats.



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