32 Ways to Rediscover Your Health

infoThere’s one hormone that touches every single cell in your body: the thyroid hormone. Which means, if your thyroid is malfunctioning you could feel fatigued, anxious, cold, moody, depressed, or you could have hair loss, obesity or dry skin.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has a very difficult time connecting any of these symptoms (and many more) with a thyroid disorder–it’s on you to do your homework.

Fortunately, 32 world-renowned experts have gathered in one place. ONLINE. For FREE.

We’re happy to announce that you can gain INSTANT ACCESS to all 32 presentations right now.

Our presentations come as video slideshows with voice overs so you can watch and listen from home (available in mp3s, mp4s and PDF transcripts)–a $517 value for a ONLY $47!

 At $47, that’s a cost of ONLY $1.47 per presentation!

(Once the summit starts the price will increase!)


America’s Pharmacist Suzy Cohen and Dr. David Brownstein created The Thyroid Summit because they both had personal experiences with undiagnosed thyroid illness. The frustration of chronic illness and the lack of proper testing and treatment leaves people sick and tired for many years. They want to stop the madness and help people, so they’re on this mission to spread the word of good health!

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It’s not too late to rediscover your health… especially if you get started by saving your seat at next week’s Thyroid Summit!



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