Support the Labeling of GMO’s!

GMO’s or Genetically Modified Foods are entering our food supply at an extremely fast pace.  Did you know between 75-85% of processed food contains GMO’s? Unfortunately at this time the FDA does not require labeling in the U.S.  While the European Union as well as Japan and Australia all require labeling, why is it that our country does not?  I would prefer to know what I am buying and what is in my food.  I would like to be able to make my own choices about what foods to eat – yet with genetically modified foods there is no way to know what we are actually eating.

Genetically modified foods have had their DNA altered.  Scientists accomplish this by inserting certain genes into the DNA of the plant.  For example, in the case of the majority of soy, as written in my Soy Deception Book, researchers have inserted a gene that makes the soy plant resistant to the pesticide Roundup®.  Therefore, in order to control weeds, soy plants can be sprayed liberally with Roundup® without hurting the soy plants.  Scientists and advocates believe that altering the DNA of plants will increase the yield of crops and maximize profits.  Furthermore, they claim this process is done for the good of all people as it will result in stronger plants and an increased yield which will help feed the world.  Unfortunately, with the growth of GM foods becoming more common, we are all being experimented upon.  Since the proper studies have not been completed, no one knows the long-term effects of these genetically modified foods.

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