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You want to be healthy, but the stresses of modern life—and the aggressive marketing of processed foods—have led most of us far away from the path to health. But if you feed your body the fresh, natural fuel it craves, you’ll be amazed by your own potential for healing, fitness and beauty! Your perfect self is inside you right now, yearning for the opportunity to be nurtured.

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De-Clutter and Lead a Purposeful Life

                With the recent success of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix, everybody’s got de-cluttering on the brain. Getting rid of junk is good! Focusing more on what we value instead of having stuff for the sake of having stuff is great!  I just did this...

A New You = A Healthier Future, One Tweak at a Time

Thinking about making some changes in the new year? Most people make specific resolutions, but tragically, most of those resolutions fizzle out in just a few months. In contrast, deciding to go for bigger-picture lifestyle tweaks is a more sustainable idea, one that’s...

Holiday Sausage Stuffing Recipe

NOTE:  This recipe excerpted from my Holiday Weight Loss Guide called How to NOT Gain 10 Pounds this Holiday Season - which you can get for FREE if you pre-order my NEW eBook called Bye-Bye Belly Bloat: Get Relief from Digestive Discomfort and Constipation...

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